Kelly Starrett – Ready to Run

I talk with Kelly Starrett about his latest book, Ready to Run. Kelly focuses on improving technique and strength to help prevent running injuries.

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Phil Maffetone – 1:59 Marathon

I talk with endurance coaching legend Phil Maffetone about his latest book, 1:59: The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Is Within Reach. Phil has coached elite endurance athletes such as Mark Allen. He supports a long-term approach to training and racing, favoring a Lydiard style of base building followed with anaerobic sharpening. He talks about why he thinks the sub 2 hour marathon is within the reach of elite athletes and how small tweaks to ones training and lifestyle can give big results in racing. Maffetone argues that a well-rounded aerobic training program, barefoot running, a high-fat diet, and certain types of strength work can help athletes run faster.

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