Kelly Starrett – Ready to Run

I talk with Kelly Starrett about his latest book, Ready to Run. Kelly focuses on improving technique and strength to help prevent running injuries.

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3fu3l Podcast Launches

Last week, I published a podcast project I’ve been working on with Brian MacKenzie, creator of Crossit Endurance and 3fu3l sports nutrition.

3fu3l podcast seeks to inspire and educate. I interview top athletes to find out what keeps them motivated, what they do for nutrition, and how they train.

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Paleo Running – Mark Lofquist:

I talk with Mark Lofquist about his transition to barefoot and minimalist footwear. Mark has an incredible story about how barefoot and minimalist shoe running allowed him to run pain-free and enjoy the sport of running. We also talk about his experience with the Paleo Diet and Crossfit Endurance.

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Ready to Run & Unbreakable Runner – TJ Murphy

I talk with TJ Murphy, a 2:38 marathoner, about his books Unbreakable Runner and Ready to Run. TJ found that by using crossfit endurance he’s been able to recover from injuries and start running again. Through this approach, he’s regained his athleticism and his love of running.

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Crossfit Endurance – Valerie Hunt

I talk with Valerie Hunt, a Pose Running Certified Coach in Austin, TX. Valerie combines Pose Running with Crossfit Endurance to get the most out of her running. Valerie saw her dramatic improvements when she started using Pose Running combined with Crossfit. She is passionate about helping others achieve great running results using the two. We talk about running mechanics, training, Pose, and Crossfit.

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Brian MacKenzie – Unbreakable Runner

In this episode I talk with Brian MacKenzie. Brian is a runner, author, and entrepreneur; his latest book is Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong. We talk about  how crossfit endurance can help runners increase their mobility, get stronger, and run faster.

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Paleo for Athletes – Amy Kubal

I talk with registered dietitian Amy Kubal about how to use a paleo style diet when training for endurance events. Amy uses a customized approach to diet and sees the paleo diet as a template to help develop an appropriate eating strategy for various athletic events. She shares some great tips for endurance athletes and warns that going too low-carb is not for everyone. Amy personally follows a high-carb paleo style diet. She includes mostly paleo foods but also includes some dairy and gluten free grains such as oatmeal. We also discuss crossfit endurance and whether it has merits for endurance athletes.

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