Lettuce wraps: 20 min Paleo dinner

Here is an easy paleo meal you can whip up in less than 30 minutes. This meal is not 100% paleo, but it is pretty close. Two of the non-paleo items are Kerry Gold grass fed cheese to top the lettuce wraps, and grass fed Ghee that I cooked the free range chicken in.
Here’s all you need: a protien source; free range chicken, beef, lamb. Whatever veggies you have available will work for toppings. Add a sweat potato if you need some carbs. Top with bacon, grass fed cheese, homemade mayo, hot sauce.

  1. Cook free range chicken, venison or beef in grass feed butter
  2. Put a starchy tuber such as sweet potato in microwave for 5 min. Remove skin and cut into cubes when cooled slightly
  3. Cut up tomatoes or other veggies
  4. Use outer lettuce leaf as a wrap
  5. Top with homemade mayo, bacon, grass fed cheese or hot sauce