Tawnee Prazak – Healthy Eating for Endurance Sport

I talk with Tawnee Prazak about eating healthily for endurance sport. Tawnee shares some of the pitfalls that can come from eating too low-carb when combined with high-volume of exercise.

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2 thoughts on “Tawnee Prazak – Healthy Eating for Endurance Sport”

  1. I heard one of your podcasts with Valerie Hunt. I started running 4 years ago at age 55 and my first marathon was 100 mile Rocky Raccoon. I finished it and have since ran 5 100 mile races and 3 100K races. I was having issues with fueling up until I met for a lesson from Valerie and she gave me a bag of 3Fu3l. I have been paleo for 2 years. This fuel works wonders for me. I am running in 3 weeks the Rocky Raccoon at age 59 and hope to smoke it with this fueling strategy! {For a master runner anyway!} Thank you for the intro to Valerie her pose technique is awesome and for the 3F!!!!! Love listening to you Aaron!

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