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PR88 Jeffrey Ford: Minimalist Running, Crossfit Endurance

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I talk with Jeffrey Ford about his minimalist approach to marathon training. Jeff typically runs no more than 15-20 miles per week, yet can run a 2:51 marathon. He attributes his success to using Crossfit Endurance and Pose Running Technique.


Jeffrey Ford

Unbreakable Runner

Pose Running

Magic Mile 4:30

Quotes from the show:

“With my business and everything I’ve got going on, my typical week is less than 20 miles per week; 20 miles a week max. Average is anywhere between 10-15 miles per week.”

“I always go back to the strength and conditioning. I know that I can maintain position in a marathon better than 95% of the people that are out there. I know I’ve made myself a durable athlete. Technique and strength will prevail in endurance sports, it’s like a secret weapon”

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