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I talk with Valerie Hunt, a Pose Running Certified Coach in Austin, TX. Valerie combines Pose Running with Crossfit Endurance to get the most out of her running. Valerie saw her dramatic improvements when she started using Pose Running combined with Crossfit. She is passionate about helping others achieve great running results using the two. We talk about running mechanics, training, Pose, and Crossfit.

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Valerie Hunt

Unbreakable Runner

The Running Revolution

Magic Mile: 5:29

Quotes from the show:

“Pose running teaches people how to get into the optimal running position. From that position you fall forward using gravity; you pull your foot from the ground, reducing the stress on your knees by about 50%. Really it’s about preventing injuries, and running the way we are supposed to run.”

“Because you’re landing under you center of mass, you’re not reaching out in front of you and hitting the brakes. Research shows that every time you hit the brakes you just add load to your tissues and joints. What you do when running pose is landing a lot lighter. Instead of landing with 3x your body weight, you’re only landing with about 50% of your body weight.”

“When I first started running I’d run the same pace for every distance. I didn’t understand how to use gravity to run properly and also to use intervals. Once I started working with pose I dropped from an 8:30/mile pace racer to around a 6:30/mile pace racer. It was a huge difference. It really helped me enjoy the action of running.”

“You purposely practice the action of falling by allowing yourself to fall forward. You really need a coach to take you through the action of falling. A lot of people when they run, they spend of lot of energy, they reach with their foot or pump their arms. Your job in running is to pull your foot from the ground. It’s not about pushing off the ground, your body prefers to pull your foot from the ground using your hamstring.”

“Pose running is just running. Running is the action. It’s the same mechanics, whether you have shoes or not. What changes is the angle of your fall. I prefer you wear a minimalist shoe, but most people don’t have the strength to wear a minimalist shoe. I live in Texas, and I’m not running barefoot. But I do use barefoot training when teaching someone how to run.”

“Crossfit provides you with full body conditioning. There’s no separation of parts. It doesn’t matter if you can’t lift a lot of weight. It also helps because there’s competition, there’s a clock. It helps to give you strength to not break down.”

“I run 3-5 days a week. I do a short interval session once a week, a long interval session,  a tempo or time trial, and then I do one more tempo or skill run on the trails. When training for my last 50 miler, my longest run was 18 miles.”

“I’m coaching a woman who is the top masters half-marathoner in the southwest region. She had a lot of injuries in the past. She runs a 1:23 for the half and just ran a 17 min 5k. She does her interval training twice a week, a tempo, a long run. As a masters athlete she only does about 4 days a week of strength training.”

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