Be Real Running Shoes Review

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example of poor stitching that caused blisters

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Hey, what’s up everyone? I just wanted to do a review of these new shoes that I just got in the mail. These are called Be Real Shoes. I found out about these shoes through NorthWest Foot and Ankle Clinic, and the great thing about these shoes is that they have a wide forefoot so for those of us who like a real natural feel when we’re running and like that natural toe splay, I recently spoke with Dr. Ray McKlannahan who said that it’s very important for a natural foot movement and to be able to have that toe splay, and for people who don’t like the five fingers, this is a great option because it’s kind of like a single compartment five finger, it’s very similar to the same shape as the five fingers, so it’s a great option. I was also intrigued by these shoes because they seem to have a little more padding, at least the photo’s I saw online seemed to have more padding. That’s a trade off that I find a lot of times with the five fingers is that you hit a rock or something, and it can be pretty painful, so while I love the five fingers, I’m always looking for something with a little bit more padding but still has the flexible sole, and that same natural feel. I took these out for about a 5 mile run this morning, a little bit faster, around a 6 minute pace, and I was just testing them out, and I was a just curious about how that padding would be, and it’s not much different than five fingers, it’s very similar to the same feel, but I really like the fact that it’s wide towards the toes, which really is what you want, especially if you’ve been in minimal shoes for awhile, people’s foot tends to get a little bit wider as the muscles strengthen, so it had a great feel. I did go over some rocks and stuff like that and you can still feel the rocks, it’s a very similar feel to the five fingers, so I really like that. Something I didn’t like was there’s a pretty narly stitching in the forefoot right near this area here,actually it goes all the way down, but it’s pretty industrial style stitching, if you look at the stitching, actually the stitching isn’t even visible in something like a five fingers, you can feel a seam but the stitching actually isn’t there, and I started to get a hot spot right about here, right where the ball of the foot bends, right there, and I don’t know if it’s because of this excess rubber, but actually, I think it’s that stitching because it’s more near the bottom, so I really like the feel of these and everything like that, but I think they need to make some improvements with that stitching, I took them for 5 miles today and I had a blister on both feet, a very mild blister, and maybe my feet will just get used to that, but I definitely would have to ease into them very carefully because of that, or perhaps put some kind of mole skin in there. So, that’s just my impression of this shoe so far, another good use for these would be in the Winter, I love the five fingers but the toes tend to get very cold, and so I might end up using these in the Winter quite a bit. The grip on the bottom is very sticky, or fairly sticky, and there’s a really good grip, so that might be handy in the Winter as well.That’s just my two cents on this shoe so far, it has a great feel to it but I think they need to do some improvements with that stitching on the inside. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if the be real shoes would be a tad wider than the vffs? I’m looking for shoes to wear my new toe spacers in! Also, what is the size comparison? I wear a 42 in men’s vffs (even though I’m a woman)

    Also, how do you get shoes to test in the mail? I’m a runner and would love to do that!

    Please reply!!!!!

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