ithlete Finger Sensor Heart Rate Variability Review

I’ve been using the ithlete heart rate variability app to monitor my HRV. The theory behind it is that the higher your HRV, the more rested and recovered you are. This can help you monitor when you should do a hard training session and when to back off. So far I’ve found it to be somewhat useful and have actually made adjustments to my training based off the feedback from the app. The app gives you 3 key colors to monitor your training:

  • Green: you’re recovered, ideal conditions to do a difficult workout
  • Amber: take an easy day or do something moderate
  • Red: take a day off or easy

I’ve found the ithlete finger sensor to give more consistent results when taking my HRV as compared to a bluetooth heart rate monitor. I also find it easier than having to put on a HRM and moisten the contacts.

ithlete finger sensor

ithlete finger sensor

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