3Fu3l Latte!

People are using 3fu3l in a lot of different ways. From 12hr run world record holder, Zach Bitter, blending with heavy cream and cinnamon, to Tami Timmons who blends 3fu3l with her morning coffee for a creamy drink.

Tami recently gave 3fu3l a try and had this to say:

I must say, I’m a huge fan. As of now–I put a serving in my coffee and blend in my vitamix. I sip on it from 6-7:30 am–workout at 8am. I’ve done high intensity cross-fit workouts, followed by track sessions (400’s or 800’s). Both workouts about an hour in duration. I have had steady energy throughout. I need to do some longer efforts to see how long I can go–but so far, it has been fantastic!!! The coffee/3fuel mixture has been awesome; it’s like a creamy latte!

Tami was on the podcast last year after completing her first Ironman while following a low carb diet.

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