Zach Bitter on 3Fuel

I recently sent American Record holder for 100 miles, Zach Bitter, a supply of 3fu3l to test out during his training. This is what he had this to say about the product:

I’m loving it. I usually take half/full scoop before morning runs, and then another half/full scoop after. I really like it pre-run in the morning, because I tend to run before breakfast. I understand the science behind fasting, but if I’m going out for 15 miles after a 8-10 hr. over night fast I end up going through a lot of “fuel-less” calories. I’m guessing that 3fuel does a good job of keeping my muscles from going catabolic without throwing me into an insulin frenzy. One little recipe I have found irresistible is blending heavy whipping cream (turns it into cool whip consistency) and sprinkling cinnamon and 3fu3l on it. It’s a great combo with my morning coffee.

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