Questions about 3fu3l and the Marathon

A listener to the podcast recently emailed me a few questions about using 3fu3l during a marathon:

I am running my first marathon in two weeks, and I thought I might try 3fu3l. I follow a low-carb diet and have an unpredictable stomach, so i thought 3fu3l might be a good option. My only concern is that I have read that it takes a good bit of water to adequately mix the powder, and I don’t know how that would translate to efficiently using it during a marathon. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

I also have a sensitive stomach, but 3fu3l has been easy for me to digest. The great thing about following low-carb diet is that you actually don’t need as many carbs during the marathon as a typical person. So, you won’t need to take in much fuel during your marathon. I think 3fu3l would be a great option for you, but I would try it out before your marathon actually begins. I’ve written about how to fuel for a marathon on a Paleo style diet; you can read more about it here.

It could be tricky to carry extra bottles of 3fu3l with you during the marathon as it will slow you down with all the extra weight. If you could meet someone halfway, or at a few different checkpoints and they could give you 3fu3l, that would be ideal. 3fu3l is actually a bit thicker than most sports drinks you’re probably used to, and that is because the waxy maize acts like a fiber and thickens the water.

I wish I would’ve had someone meet me at checkpoints with 3fu3l during my last marathon; I think I would’ve done a lot better than trying to use sugary stuff. Good luck to you. Let me know what you do.

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