3Fuel Questions Answered

A listener to the podcast emailed some questions about 3Fuel

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Q: What’s the consistency of 3Fuel when mixed with water?  Do you have a preferred method (ice water, more concentrated in a gel flask)?  I’ve heard that there can be a chalky taste with some of these powders.

A: 3Fuel has the consistency of a smoothie, it tastes great – not too sweet and no chalky taste. My method is to use with water in a water bottle. I take small amounts before, during and after my runs depending on what my body is telling me in terms of fluid loss, hunger, etc.

Q: Would I be able to use 3Fuel as my sole source of nutrition during an event that could last 30 hours..?  There will be aid stations, but I would probably want to avoid any simple sugars there to minimize spikes in blood sugar.
A: The farthest I’ve run is a 50k so I can’t say from personal experience how well it will work for an Ultra of 30 hours, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. You might want to bring along some real food to help fuel yourself during the race, in case you get sick of drinking the same thing all day. Peter Attia is a fat adapted cyclist and uses things like single packet cream cheese, single packet cashew butter and coconut butter. I’ve even heard of some people bringing along precooked bacon in a plastic bag as a high fat fuel. A recent study found that ultra runners at Javelina Jundred who ate higher fat foods had less GI distress during the race.
Q: Would you recommend bringing along any additional supplementation in addition to 3Fuel for an ultra?
A: After reading Tim Noake’s book Waterlogged, I don’t see any reason to take any additional sodium or other supplements, but taking extra sodium probably won’t hurt either. Ben Greenfield uses amino acids as part of his low carb approach, but those are already in the grass fed protein contained in 3Fuel
Q: Have you tried similar fluid based nutrition products (SuperStarch, Perpetuem, etc.) and how would you compare them to 3Fuel?
A: Haven’t tried SuperStarch yet. It looks promising, but is much more expensive than 3Fuel and lacks the medium chain triglycerides and grass fed whey protein you get from 3Fuel. Perpetuem contains Soy protein and I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole. Soy is known to cause GI distress for many people and may even suppress testosterone in men. I have used Accelerade in the past, but it now contains Soy, is way too sugary, and has caused GI upset for me.

3Fuel works for me because:

  1. No upset stomach
  2. Allows fat burning
  3. Uses fat, protein and slow releasing carbs
  4. Sustained, great tasting energy
Good luck on your race and let me know how it goes!

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