Tim Noakes – Paleo Diet, Hydration, Central Governor

In this episode I talk with exercise scientist and physician Tim Noakes, MD about the Paleo diet, his latest book Challenging Beliefs, and the Central Governor Theory of fatigue.

00.46 How Tim got interested in running

3.12 Tim finds low carb diet
18.03 Will this diet work for everyone?
21.00 Other benefits of low carb diet
23.49 Overcoming resistance from doctors
26.47 What Tim Noakes eats
36.15 Muscle cramps, sodium loss
37.58 Evolutionary history of thirst
43.15 How much should we drink and eat during a run?
45.22 Heatstroke
47.11 We are survivors
54.35 Sprinting
58.1 Brain training
59.32 Tim’s training
1.01.43 Why do we train at a slow pace?
1.07.37 Is a high carb diet bad for you?
1.10.05 Tim’s running
1.16.00 Tim’s shoes
1.20.23 How to keep an open mind
1.22.40 Who inspires Tim Noakes?
1.26.00 Tim’s upcoming book on nutrition

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